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Top 10 Places to Visit in Israel

May 01, 2014  |  By Arik Barel

Dead Sea One of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, the Dead Sea is the world’s largest day spa, where people from all over the world throughout history have come to bask in its mineral rich mud and to float in its salty waters. In fact, the Dead Sea was actually recently nominated to be the 8th wonder of the World. Come take a dip and you’ll understand […]

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Jewish Wedding Customs and Traditions

Dec 31, 2013  |  By Arik Barel

A traditional Jewish wedding is a unique and beautiful ceremony full of ancient customs and traditions, symbolizing the new spiritual and physical bond of a husband and wife. Let’s take a look at the main Jewish wedding traditions: The Wedding Day The day before the wedding should ideally be a relaxing and introspective one for the chatan (groom) and kallah (bride), where all their last minute needs are catered to […]

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